Art Director, Designer, Motion Designer

Logotype, identity

How long
16 days


Kingyo (japanese “goldfish”) — secular bar and restaurant with European first-class personalized service. The place is inspired by the philosophy of Kaizen — constant self-improvement.

We have developed a stylish logo and authentic corporate identity of the restaurant in the center of the aristocratic life of Sochi. What do Japan and Sochi have in common? Right, nothing. But Sochi can definitely have its own internal and dear Japan.

We teleported to the most mystical and closed Japanese institutions, studied information on the art of Japanese calligraphy and the production of personal values. In the process of developing the logo four classic Japanese images were taken as a basis: the sun, a traditional Japanese pattern, a personal “family” seal and, of course, a goldfish with a beautiful fin. Identity independently revealed the nature of the logo and set the mood of the place for a bohemian circle of people.


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