Service for search and rental houses in the Alps and the Mediterranean

Art Director, Designer, Motion Designer

Naming, logotype, website

46 days


Apartance is a service for search and rental houses in the Alps and the Mediterranean. The author’s collection of accommodation options for any budget without intermediaries and an individual approach to each client are the distinctive features of the service.   

We developed the name of the brand that evokes the right associations in several languages. The melodic sound is pleasantly pronounced and can be remembered easily from the first time. The history of the service, its small friendly team and principles of work inspired us to make the logotype personal. We were encouraged by family crests and age-old European houses and it can be read in the lines and shapes of the symbol. The logo turned out to be aesthetically delicate, laconic and airy, but it retained a freedom-loving and bright character in the variability of typefaces and the beauty of font solutions.


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