The new reality, that augment our life

The augmented reality effects and masks for Instagram that we create are games, color correction filters, light and sound modifications, 3D animated mascots of brands and other complex mechanics. Over a million views. Hundreds of thousands of shots. Is is easy to be in trend if you feel the time. And it is time to wear masks.


AR-game for the official account of Sberbank in Instagram. Catch coins with your mouth, but be ready that the levels will become complicated. A great opportunity to increase capital, even if it is gaming.


Krasnodar Football Club

This mask was one of the first branding AR-integrations in Russian Premier League. The Instagram mask with brand colors of Krasnodar FC has three different modes. The mask also has the integrated interaction. Shout your favourite chant to see the confetti. Go bulls! The mask was developed in collaboration with Quartex Group for FanFirst Project.



The AR-object that does not exist and exists simultaneously. It is suspended somewhere between heaven and earth. You won’t be able to touch it, but you can easily find it in your Instagram camera. Follow the instructions to try the effect. There is one special feature: if you go into it, the world will be completely different.


Print in Space

The nimbus or the halo is a symbol of a perfect form, a great beginning and a print of a man in space. It’s the radiance of a new idea and a conscious mind. It’s everything you can imagine.


Russian Flag

3D model of a flag of Russia, that can be placed in any place worthy of the flag. The tricolor that is available all the time for the true patriots.


Old Face

It is never too late to become old. Take a look at yourself in old age. It’s easy! Fix the phone camera with activated effect in front of your face and enjoy the wrinkled skin shot. This effect is dedicated to all FaceApp fans.


Galaxy Glasses

The boundaries of reality and fantastic dreams are blurred. Try on futuristic galactic-shaped glasses. Tap the screen to change the effect mode. Forward to the future!


Load me

Waiting time is tedious. What is it like to be not load? Try the effect of constant loading. On a topical subject: heart icons that appear in the left part of the screen symbolize modern communication as it is.



Your new effect

We booked this place especially for you. Order the development of a unique AR mask or effect for your account, product or brand to entertain your subscribers and get new marketing instrument in a social network.

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